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Your source for the finest battery-operated and electric window candles.

Window candles have been a symbol of hospitality and friendship, dating back for centuries. For more information, click here.

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IMC battery-operated candles feature our patented double LED extra bright bulb, and our electric candles use our cool-burn bulbs that avoid overheating. Whether metal or mesaflex (plastic with steel fiber) base, our candles are sturdy and won't tip tight over like cheaper candles. Our battery-operated candles run on just 2 AA batteries, and will last the entire season! You can choose steady burning candles, light sensor candles that turn on in the dark only, or timer candles that you set to go on when you want for 6 hours and off for 18. IMC candles come available in 3 colors: brass, pewter and antique bronze.

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Pictured above: Battery-operated LED candles. Left: Our top-selling Cape Cod candles. Next to them, our Cape Cod with super-bright bulb is the brightest LED candle we have seen. Above right, our Williamsburg candles

Pictured above: LED battery operated candles. Left to right: Dixie, Bayside, Memories Candles.
IMC Candles come in a variety of styles and prices to suit everyone. The Memories candles come with a picture frame and timer.

Pictured above: Bracket candles are made for windows without sills. L-R: LED battery operated Cambridge Slant Bracket series, Electric Cambridge Bracket series, Cambridge Jr Bracket candle.
Many new windows today are being made without window sills, so how do you put a candle in that window? Answer: the patented Cambridge Slant Bracket Candle, pictured above left. Designed for narrow or no window sills or replacement windows, it sets your candle perfectly in the window. Bracket Candles are also available in plug-in styles, pictured above center and right.

Pictured above: Electric candles. L-R: Cape Cod series, Chesapeake series, Bayside series, Virginian.

IMC has an extensive selection of electric plug-in candles, some of which also feature light sensors and timers.

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